SCANDAL: Biden Demands Supreme Court to Allow Police to Barge Into People’s Homes

As the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Caniglia v. Strom case, the Biden Administration allegedly placed pressure on the Court to allow for warrantless weapons confiscations.

In this case, Edward Caniglia reportedly got into an altercation with his wife Kim in 2015, which led to the confiscation of Caniglia’s weapons by the police.

Take a look at what Forbes said:

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Despite this, police were persuaded that Edward had the ability to injure himself and demanded that he be taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric examination. Edward agreed only after police (falsely) promised they wouldn’t seize his weapons while he was away, after initially refusing and claiming that his mental health was none of their business.

To add insult to injury, the cops then told Kim that Edward had agreed to the seizure. Kim directed the officers to the couple’s two handguns, which were immediately confiscated, thinking the seizures were authorized by her husband. Despite the fact that Edward was released from the hospital straight away, the weapons were only returned to him after he lodged a civil rights case against the police.

Instead of arguing that Caniglia’s weapons were confiscated because of a threat, they argued that the confiscation was clearly a case of “group caretaking.”

According to reports, the Biden Administration is siding with the cops in this case, telling the Supreme Court that warrants should not be “presumptively needed when a government official’s conduct is reasonably grounded in a non-investigatory public interest, such as health or safety.”

And liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor seems to have an issue with cops barging into people’s homes and stealing their weapons.

“There was no imminent risk to the person threatening suicide or to the wife because the suicide person [sic] was removed to a hospital,” she said.

Sotomayor claimed that the man should have had a medical examination, but that the problem she had with the case was the police “going into the home without trying to obtain permission from the wife and taking the gun and then holding it indefinitely before a complaint is filed.”

“The wife attempted to reclaim it. He attempted to recover it. “Weeks and weeks passed,” Sotomayor explained. “We run the risk of incidents like this repeating themselves if we encourage police to search and seize without any sort of standard.”


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