Scan Counted 28 Percent of Test Ballots for GOP Candidates

Auditors looking into votes in Windham, New Hampshire, may have figured out why initial results revealed a gap in a Democrat candidate’s vote count.

In the legislative election in Windham, New Hampshire on Nov. 3, Republicans won all four seats, but a Democrat nominee, Kristi St. Lauren, demanded a recount, which was granted because she lost by just 24 votes.

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During a hand recount, however, it was discovered that she did not lose by 24 votes. Instead, the effort showed that the Republican candidates had gained 300 more votes, while St. Laurent had lost 99.

To figure out why there was a difference between the original results and the recount, an audit was conducted.

The auditors who were involved in the process have now stated that they believe they have found the explanation for this.

“We now have experimental evidence that a fold through a vote goal will generate a vote if the contest is undervoted. The machines interpreted 25 of the folds as votes for St. Laurent, despite the fact that none of the 65 ballots were labelled for her,” wrote the WindhamNHAuditors Twitter account, which is run by auditors Harri Hursti, Mark Lindeman, and Phillip Stark. It was later explained that the number of votes was 75, not 65.

The account contained a snapshot of the fold lines in the ballots, which the scanner system is thought to have misinterpreted as legitimate votes.

According to Lindeman, one of the auditors, “something we strongly believe at this juncture, based on different facts, is that in certain instances, fold lines are being perceived by the scanners as legitimate votes.”

Another computer, according to the auditors, had a “much more drastic problem,” only counting 28 percent of the 75 votes cast for each Republican candidate in the election.



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