Saturday’s “Jan 6th Insurrection Rally” Turned Out to Be a Small Gathering of Mostly Reporters Aimlessly Walking Around

Every Trump fan online has been calling today’s gathering at the Capitol a “FBI trap” for weeks.

CNN, MSNBC, and others promoted it as a show of sympathy for the January 6th detainees, but it turned out to be a Jan 6th on steroids.

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This was dubbed the “second insurgency” by the left.

Nobody had ever intended to attend because it was evident that it was a set-up. Since the first word of the “Fed picnic,” Trump fans have mocked it.

Even President Trump issued a public statement urging people not to attend.

As a result, you can imagine the glee and mockery that erupted when the Dems erected their dumb theatrical “barrier” again, and the bungling Cap cops put on a goofy “North Korea” show of force.



It’s just political theater and rubbish.

The majority of those there in the small crowd are members of the press and most likely undercover FBI agents, who may or may not have been able to apprehend a few mentally ill individuals.

There might be a few curious onlookers, but no committed “Trump supporters.”

There’s so much press there, in fact, that one reporter on the scene claimed that another reporter with a “French accent” approached him and attempted to interview him.

I had to laugh when I saw this tweet.



Of course, what isn’t amusing is how the Jan. 6th detainees are treated, and those of us who would never go to a federal “set-up” like this pray for those patriots every day.

Meanwhile, at our southern border, THIS is happening while our press enjoys a “circle jerk” with the FBI:

Every one of those useless blobs would be in a boat, broadcasting THIS mess that Joe Biden and his equally dim-witted so-called “VP” are ignoring if we had a genuine media that actually cared about what was going on in this country and the REAL risks we face.

Unfortunately, this country lacks a serious press. The facts and the real concerns will be covered to protect the dictatorship since we have a CIA-run propaganda media.


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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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