Sarah Palin: Why is Biden Being Subjected to “Elder Abuse”?

Like many other Americans, Palin stated that she also feels that Biden is a puppet whose every single action is being controlled by higher officials.

He’s not the President, in other words, and with his constant failures and public humiliation, it’s only normal that the “elders” will be “mad at him”!

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The former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin (R) has made it clear for Fox News why has come to believe that he is a victim of “elder abuse.”

“Those clips really are painful to watch … [the] awkward videos that were presented with — at least the media didn’t hide that one … But same with President Joe Biden’s videos – watching him speak and read the teleprompter I get a cold sweat,” Palin said. “It’s difficult for me to watch. In Biden’s case it’s elder abuse, where they trod him out there and expect him to be articulate about anything it’s tough to watch.”

She said this while responding to Vice President Kamala Harris’ controversial video speaking to children and the Biden administration’s crisis at the border.

“Let me address the point about … Kamala being sent to the border but not doing a doggone thing, she didn’t show up in the right place anyway,” she added. “But then, President Biden is now sending the rest of the team down to the border trying to figure it out. What’s to figure out? .. Trump had the answer.”

That there is really something very wrong with Joe Biden’s cognitive functions was many times before mentioned, even by eminent Doctor of the White House (for Barack Obama AND Donald Trump), Representative Ronny Jackson.


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