SAGA CONTINUES: 25 Crew Members Of The Ever Given Still Trapped!

But the real question is – what do they know? Why are they still “held hostage”?

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The Ever Given incident, when the huge container ship that got stuck in the Suez canal, alarmed the whole world since if it wasn’t solved, that incident could interfere in the world trade in massive quantities!

However, after the ship “was rescued”, the Suez canal was released for free traffic and transport, the ship is still impounded in Egypt, with all of the crew members on board, and 20,000 containers with unpacked goods!

What’s going on? And just to remind you, the reasons why the ship was stuck in the Suez canal in the first place, are still unclear…

According to a report published by BBC,

“The Japanese owner of the ship, Shoei Kisen Kaisha, has received a claim from the Egyptian courts for some 900 million dollars in compensation for the losses inflicted.

This sum was deemed “extraordinarily large and largely unjustified” by the insurer covering third-party liabilities, UK Club.

The insurer made a counteroffer but was rejected.

And here is probably the biggest question mark in this whole scheme: what are the containers carrying?

It has come to our attention that the insurer, UK Club, said that it is indeed the insurer of the Ever Given for all kinds of third party liabilities, such as claims for obstructions or infrastructure problems, but has made it clear that it is not the insurer of the ship itself or the cargo.

So far, only one company of Polish origin has come forward and said it would take care of some of the 20,000 containers carrying cargo insured by them.”

But, many alternative networks and social media sites have been continuously reporting that the reason behind the whole “soap opera” stuck, was actually the fact that the huge ship was trafficking minors at the moment – possibly so much, that got the overweight!

According to other reports,

“The EverGreen was bound for the Netherlands, a nation that became a major scandal when it was discovered last year that hostages were being transported in sea containers. These criminal networks kidnap people and hold them hostage.

The shipping containers found by police in the Netherlands in 2020 were lined with soundproofing material and heat-insulating aluminum foil with handcuffs hanging from the ceiling and attached to the floor. Each was equipped with a camera mounted on one of its corners that encompassed a clear view of the entire cell.

There was a container, called a “treatment room,” which contained a dental chair with straps to attach arms to the armrests and handcuffs on the footrest.

Bags were also found containing pruning shears, saws, scalpels, pliers, handcuffs, finger cuffs, adhesive tape, ski masks, and black cotton bags with which the hostages’ heads are usually covered.

The truth is that as the days go by, the situation remains unresolved, and all eyes are now on the crew members. Who are they? What do they know? Do they have information about the cargo in the containers?”

The crew is Indian – they say they don’t know much or are they too scared to talk?

Apparently, they are hostages in the whole situation…

“The International Transport Workers’ Federation has already raised its voice against all these irregularities, warning that these 25 people who were on the ship “can no longer be held hostage.”

Such a horror scenario – to be trapped on a ship that has all basic needs – years could pass!


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