SABOTAGE SUSPECTED: Global Pfizer Plants BANNED! Delivery Trains Crash/ Operators Are Compromise! It Leads To FOOD CROP Failures In 2022!

We all know that the globalist genocidal war against humanity represents a multi-vectored assault on every system that sustains human life, biology, energy, economics, freedom, and so on.

We have the latest data revealing the food scarcity attack vector targets the fertilizer supply chain to release massive crop failures in 2022.

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In Free West, Media ringed the alarm on this situation in one for their article titled “Fertilizer shortages could become the death knell for global food production.”

The article has a significant number of freight train accidents, among which are fertilizer-carrying trains.

Around the world, everything from factories has been destroyed in explosions to trains loaded with fertilizer derailed. In some cases, sabotage is suspected.

An example of devastating accidents occurred in the US state of Iowa on May 16 earlier this year. A freight train transporting fertilizer in no less than 47 wagons then derailed, and several of the wagons also started to burn. Less than a day before, another freight train with 28 carriages derailed in Minnesota. It carried, among other things, hydrochloric acid, which is an important ingredient for fertilizer.

These are just two of the unusually high number of accidents that have affected manufacturers and transports of fertilizers in the past year. An American train driver with over 30 years of experience commented that “we have more derailments with fertilizer trains this year than during my entire professional time.”

CF Industries is the primary agricultural fertilizer producer in North America and one of the largest in the world.

If you want to know where the food comes from, you have to know about CF industries. With more than 3.000 workers and more than $4 billion in annual revenue, the CF industries have dozens of distribution terminals in North America and two UK locations.

Free West Media explained:

In Louisiana, CF Industries’ largest ammonia factory globally, but it was closed down for safety reasons the day before [hurricane] Ida struck, but could not resume production after it had passed due to the power outage.

Fertilizer factories have recently also begun to close down their operations due to the high costs of natural gas used in production.

A couple of examples are two factories in the UK, one in Billingham and one in Cheshire, which closed in mid-September. The two plants account for no less than around 45 percent of domestic demand. Industry insiders have pointed out how they found it strange that these were owned by CF Industries.

Instead of compensating for delays due to the hurricane, CF chose to close two more factories two weeks later.

The same thing has happened in many European countries with “too high natural gas prices.” Austrian fertilizer producer Borealis AG and German SKW Piesteritz, which is Germany’s largest producer of ammonia, have scaled-down production by 20 percent. The GermanCompanyy said in a statement that “the level that has now been reached no longer enables economically sound production, so we have to take this step.”

Bloomberg reported:

CF Industries Holdings Inc. said Wednesday it’s halting operations at its Billingham and Ince manufacturing complexes due to high natural gas prices, with no estimate for when production will resume. European gas and power futures tumbled Thursday on signs energy-intensive industries are curbing consumption.

The crisis could have severe economic consequences. Soaring prices are exposing the risk of power outages this winter; according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Blackouts would likely send energy prices even higher, compounding concerns about inflation and adding to the rising costs businesses are already shouldering for raw materials.

For CF, shutting down these plants, which largely produce ammonium nitrate, will cause the Company to lose some production volume, according to Alexis Maxwell, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. The bigger potential impact will likely be on global pricing for fertilizer as concerns grow that other producers will follow suit, she said.

Fertilizer prices are already high, and that’s adding to increasing expenses for farmers, who are paying more for everything from land and seeds to equipment. The higher costs of production may mean even more food inflation is on the way.

“We wouldn’t be surprised to see more nitrogen and chemicals production across Europe idled in the coming days until gas prices moderate,” Joel Jackson, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets, said in a report.

The Official Industries press release on all this could be found here, stating:

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CF), a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today announced that it is halting operations at both Billingham and Ince, UK, manufacturing complexes due to high natural gas prices. The Company does not have an estimate for when production will resume at the facilities.

Bear in mind that we aren’t attributing nefarious to CF Industries. In fact, we say that the Company has to be celebrated because it gives nutrients contributing to feeding half of the world. This is today’s necessary virtue-signaling talk to appease left-wing lunatics who don’t know where food comes from and who live in fairy tale delusions where energy is magically created out of nothing.

Affordable food originates from affordable energy, and when the energy is not affordable anymore, the food can’t be produced in an affordable manner.

Hermann Greif, a farmer from the village of Pinzberg in the southern state of Bavaria, told AP that he was shocked when he discovered that he could not even order fertilizer for next year. “There is no product, no price, not even a contract. It is a situation we have never seen before,” said Greif. “If I do not give my crops the nutrition they need, the yield will be much lower. It’s that simple.”

China is the world’s top fertilizer exporter… and they BANNED exports of phosphate until June 2022.’

Another shocking element is that China appears to be engaged in a fertilizer embargo against the USA and other Western countries, and they have banned phosphate exports for the first half of 2022.
Free West Media reported:

…[O]n July 30, when the Chinese Communist Party CCP ordered its phosphate manufacturers to suspend their exports one year ahead, until June 2022. China is the world’s largest exporter of phosphate fertilizers and had time to deliver in the first half of this year, before the export ban.

This happened after CCP had already reduced production due to “climate emission issues at production facilities.”

Thus, globalists demand reduced carbon dioxide emissions, and CCP reduces production so much that they then realize that they probably can no longer export. The effect of these decisions had an immediate effect on prices, as China accounts for almost a third of the world’s phosphate trade.

3.8 billion human beings depend on nitrogen fertilizers to grow affordable food… and those fertilizers are being cut off like never before

From Free West Media:

‘’According to studies (Erisman et al.) Published in the scientific journal Nature, 48 percent of the world population in 2008 was dependent on nitrogen fertilizers for their daily access to food. “This means that nitrogen fertilizers in 2015 provided food security for 3,5 billion people who would otherwise have starved to death.”

Translated to today’s population figures, the lack of chemical fertilizers would lead to 3.8 billion people being left without food, with mass starvation, mass death, war, chaos, and social decay that have not been seen since the previous Grand Solar Minimum.’’

Beyond 3.8 billion lives depending on nitrogen fertilizers, we have information showing that 50% of the populating got vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Additional 27 million people are injected every day. What we previously stated means that there are only 4 million people who weren’t injected with the poisonous vaccine, and they won’t develop AIDS.

Fertilizer scarcity is engineered to kill off populations in developing nations, while vaccines are engineered to kill off the populations in wealthy nations.

Between starvation and bioweapons, the majority of people will be subjected to one of these two genocidal vectors.

Food riots, food rationing, and rampant food inflation are the inevitable things we will face!

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