SABOTAGE SUSPECTED: Everything Is Leading Towards Food Crop Failures and Recession in 2022!

The Globalist’s agenda is right on track, don’t be fooled that they are working for us, the people! They are doing everything in their power to keep their agendas clean and set up for the ultimate destruction plan against the human race.

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New information reveals that the food scarcity attack vector is targeting the fertilizer supply chain in order to unleash massive crop failures in 2022!

An article, entitled “Fertilizer shortages could become the death knell for global food production,” published by Free West Media honked the alarm on social media keeping back this subject in focus, despite the numerous allegations it was nothing but a conspiracy theory.

“Around the world, everything from factories has been destroyed in explosions to trains loaded with fertilizer derailed. In some cases, sabotage is suspected.

An example of devastating accidents occurred in the US state of Iowa on May 16 earlier this year. A freight train transporting fertilizer in no less than 47 wagons then derailed and several of the wagons also started to burn. Less than a day before, another freight train with 28 carriages derailed in Minnesota. It carried, among other things, hydrochloric acid, which is an important ingredient for fertilizer.

These are just two of the unusually high number of accidents that have affected manufacturers and transports of fertilizers in the past year. An American train driver with over 30 years of experience commented that “we have more derailments with fertilizer trains this year than during my entire professional time”.

They have 2 locations in the UK, and dozens of terminals in Canada and North America.

“In Louisiana, is CF Industries’ largest ammonia factory in the world, but it was closed down for safety reasons the day before [hurricane] Ida struck, but could not resume production after it had passed due to the power outage.

Fertilizer factories have recently also begun to close down their operations due to the high costs of natural gas, which is used in production.

A couple of examples are two factories in the UK, one in Billingham and one in Cheshire, which closed in mid-September. The two plants account for no less than around 45 percent of domestic demand. Industry insiders have pointed out how they found it strange that these were owned by CF Industries.

Instead of compensating for delays due to the hurricane, CF chose to close two more factories two weeks later.

The same thing has happened in many European countries with “too high natural gas prices”. Austrian fertilizer producer Borealis AG and German SKW Piesteritz, which is Germany’s largest producer of ammonia have scaled-down production by 20 percent. The German company said in a statement that “the level that has now been reached no longer enables economically sound production, so we have to take this step”.

The Ice Age Farmer is warning about the same situation, revealing that farmers are unable to acquire the supplies they need to grow food (including fertilizer):

3.8 billion human beings depend on nitrogen fertilizers to grow affordable food… and those fertilizers are being cut off like never before

“Beyond the 3.8 billion lives depending on nitrogen fertilizers, we also have the data point that says 49.9% of the world population has been injected with spike protein biological weapons labeled “vaccines.” According to Our World In Data, another 27 million people are being injected each day.”

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