Russian Political Wants To Send Repeat Child Rapist To ARCTIC Penal Colonies! We Can’t Call Them Humans!

Parliamentary Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin wants to introduce harsh penalties for repeat child sex offenders in Russia.

He proposed legislation that would send these people to hard labor penal colonies in the Arctic to work in Siberian mines!

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He shared this suggestion after the terrible rape and murder of 5yo girl.

A serial pedophile and his lover kidnapped the girl, then she was taped and stabbed to death.

The Daily Mail reported:

Monsters who sexually abuse children should serve their sentences in hard labour penal colonies in the Arctic, where they could be forced to work in Siberian mines, the country’s parliamentary speaker said.

The new legislation is being pushed through after a horrific case this week of a girl, five, who was abducted by a recidivist paedophile and his lover, then raped and stabbed to death.

Veronika Nikolayeva had been playing near her mother’s workplace in Kostroma, and a video showed how she was snatched before being abused.

The helpless girl ‘struggled and fought back’ but passersby did not pay attention to her distress – and the men took her to their hostel.

Her corpse was later found in a duffle bag as the suspects, named Denis Gerasimov, 44, and Vadim Belyakov, 24, planned to dispose of her body.

Both men confessed on video to her murder.

Zero Hedge has more:

Volodin, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, called the child’s abuse and death a “terrible tragedy,” which illustrated the need for tougher laws against pedophiles.

“One of the detained men turned out to be a formerly convicted paedophile,” he said, adding “Let’s do everything for the law on life sentences for paedophiles to be adopted in January.”

“Those convicted for such crimes should serve life sentences in the harshest conditions – in the extreme north (of Russia) or in mines,” he continued, adding: “These bastards should undergo the hardest labour, so they remember the crimes they committed every day – and regret them.”

“They cannot be called human,” he said.

The idea was supported by influential MP, Alexander Khinstein, who said “‘It is necessary to adopt our bill on life punishment for paedophile-rapists as soon as possible,” adding that all sex attackers released from prison should be forced to wear electronic tags.’

This legislation has to be introduced here in the United States of America! These beings have to be punished for their terrible actions!

Zero Hedge The Daily mail

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