Rumors Of a Rift Between Donald Trump And Ron DeSantis are Debunked

As the presidential election season of 2024 approaches, it appears that the media is attempting to foment a schism between the two most popular Republicans in the country, but Donald Trump is debunking those allegations.

“DeSantis feuds with Trump over Florida rally amid search for survivors in Surfside,” The Washington Examiner reported last week.

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Former President Donald Trump is defying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ request to postpone a campaign-style event this weekend 200 miles from the scene of a collapsed oceanfront condominium, where an international search-and-rescue team is uncovering victims.

DeSantis’ office has made a “direct plea” to the former president’s team, requesting that the Saturday event in Sarasota be rescheduled. Trump and his team, according to one Florida Republican, must “read the room.”

“The governor is being put to the test to see how far he can go before breaking ranks with President Trump. And he has to be cautious because this is Trump country,” the source told The Examiner. “The president is adored by his supporters. They both adore Ron, though. Right now, there’s a showdown.”

In Florida, Trump is extremely popular, and DeSantis is hesitant of provoking a public feud with him, according to another anonymous source.

DeSantis must win reelection in 2022, according to a former Trump advisor. “He can’t piss off the president,” says the narrator. But he’s reading the temperature correctly at the same time.”

Another unidentified source stated, “The governor loves the president, but something terrible just happened in his state.”

“We can stroll and chew gum at the same time,” says the narrator. But there’s a Kumbaya moment right now. This is something that people require. We need everyone to come together and realize that in order to begin to repair this country. For the first time in five years, we got a glimpse of that today. Today was the first day that people thought, ‘Perhaps there’s still hope for our country to reunite.’ Only for the former president to rip the Band-Aid off on Saturday: “He’s going for the jugular,” they predicted.

But keep in mind that these are all anonymous sources. You haven’t heard anything from DeSantis or Trump about this alleged schism. That is, until Trump stated at his Sarasota event on Saturday night that the two are OK.

“We came to an agreement. He is putting in a lot of effort. He’s doing a fantastic job. Before the rally, Trump told Newsmax that he should be there.

“I advised him, ‘You should stay there; this isn’t important to you.’ He, above all others, should be present,” he stated.

Wow, that seems like a nasty family feud, doesn’t it? Sam Nunberg, Trump’s former campaign adviser, said it best.

He explained, “It’s a media fabrication.” “They’re looking for splits that don’t exist.”

DeSantis and Joe Biden were courteous to each other last week when Biden visited the state and offered federal resources to help with the Surfside tragedy, and the media went crazy.

“In response to the tragedy in Surfside, President Biden and his administration have been working hand-in-hand with state and local partners, including Governor DeSantis and his team,” Michael Gwin, White House fast response director, stated.

“We appreciate Governor Scott’s warm welcome to Florida on Thursday, and we will continue to work closely together to ensure that state and local leaders have all they require from the federal government,” he added.

What was the governor meant to do in this situation? Have a petty spat with Biden in the midst of a disaster when his state really needs federal assistance?

The media, however, attempted to spin the visit in a different light, according to The Daily Mail.

The visit sparked a flurry of reports about Biden courting a Trump ally, according to the report.

Without a doubt, the media wants these two Republicans to battle one other in order to pave the way for a Democratic win in 2024.


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