Rosanne Boyland’s Sister FOR THE FIRST TIME Speaks On Video! [MUST-WATCH]

Constantly we see evidence that one woman Rosanne Boylan was killed by a DC Metropolitan Police on January 6, and the government doesn’t want to confess that.

The fake media don’t want to cover this story, even though much evidence confirms that.

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Lonna Cave talked to TGP in an exclusive interview. Below you can watch the video:

The family wants to sue the Government for Rosanne’s complete autopsy records. Also, they want to sue because of the police body footage which shows her death on the Capitol Steps on January 6, where Rosanne was spotted on video beaten by a DC Metro Police Officer, Lila Morris.

Check this out:

Boyland’s family for 11 months have been trying to get answers to their questions and have been denied pertinent information regarding her death. The parents were denied to get the complete autopsy.

Ashli Babbit is the household name in the US, but not so many people have heard about Rosanne Boyland. The officials want the Americans to believe in the narrative that Trump supporters attacked the Capitol and the police defended it. However, that is a lie.

The Government, DC Medical Examiner, and MSM shared that Boyland died due to a drug overdose, but the evidence showed that she didn’t have any drugs inside her organism. A video has been shared where a DC Metropolitan Police Officer beats Boyland with a stick on Capitol stairs around the time of her death.

“We knew she did not die of a drug overdose as the DC Medical Examiner told us; it made no sense,” said Cave. “Now that we want to conduct our own investigation, they will not release the full report to us. My parents and I cannot have closure; we need to find out what happened to my sister Rosanne.”

Cave said that her family has been threatened and shamed since January 6, but she was scared to speak about that.

“They call us a family of terrorists,” said Cave. “It has been so difficult. Please understand that my sister Rosanne was the sweetest person I have ever met and was the opposite of a terrorist. We have to do right by her and find out the truth.”

TGP interviewed the eyewitnesses and reported: ‘’These witnesses say she was brutalized by police who beat her with weapons and shoved people on top of her. They teargassed and beat anyone that tried to save her life. The men that tried to save her by fighting off DC and Capitol Police languish in prison to this day with no bail, being charged for attacking the very police who were allegedly seen in the video and by eyewitnesses killing Roseann Boyland.’’

‘’What stands out most in this reporter’s mind after multiple interviews with the Boyland family is how much they truly adored Rosanne and how completely loved she was. This heartbroken family has since tried to get answers- her full autopsy report, the bodycam footage of the policewoman seen bludgeoning her as she lay dying on Capitol steps, the closed-circuit footage from inside the Capitol after she was dragged inside, or any records whatsoever pertaining to their daughter’s death. They have been denied all information by the government and been virtually ignored by their political representatives to whom they have reached out. The government, DOJ, January 6th Committee, and DC Metro Police continue to refuse them a formal investigation.’’ The report concluded.

Rosanne’s sister made a step and asked Americans to help in answering the questions. The people need answers!

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