Robin Bullock With Counsel For Vaccinated People Who Regret It!

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This is a hot topic, and we received numerous emails about this.

Many emails were from the same character: “ok, I know the vax is bad now, but when I took it, I didn’t know that. I thought I was doing something good. Is there any hope for me?”

Steve Schultz asked Bullock this question, and we all want to hear his answer! Everyone is intrigued and wants to know what to do once they got the vaccine and regret that decision!

Steve asked Robin three times the same question, so he got a proper answer.

His answer was fascinating!

Watch the video below:

We have another detail. Clif High shared advice on how to regain your health once you get the vaccine.
The spike protein is dangerous in the mRNA vaccine! According to Cliff, it is an engineered bioweapon.

People who trust the vaccines and vote for Dems, now they have opened their eyes! These people faced horrible side effects, or someone from their family has experienced them.
Some reports notice severe magnetism after the shot, the loss of limbs reported by Eric Clapton, and 5,000 deaths reported by VAERS.

The vaccine isn’t suitable!

Also, numerous breakthrough cases aren’t that anymore. They are now the norm.
It seems that vaccines don’t protect us from the virus. Then, why the people get the vaccines?

But, who is stupid enough to risk his health and get the vaccine to protect himself from the virus that has a 99.9 survival rate?

Nevertheless, we are humans, after all, and we all make mistakes.

It’s not the end of the world if you have taken the jab and regret it. There is a solution for everything, and you can regain your health.

We aren’t doctors, but we report on what we see from others.

However, this medical advice would for sure be better than the one given by Fauci, Birxx, who promote their propaganda.

It’s up to you to choose who to believe.

Again, we aren’t doctors, and we don’t force anything!
Vitamin C, D, Chaga Mushroom tea, C60, hydroxychloroquine, and ivermectin are highly effective in the treatment!

We shared links with you so you could order them easier.

Below you can watch the video from Cliff where he speaks about the dangerous spike protein and the effect on our organism.

He goes into detail and links the C60 power in the fight against them.

People need large doses of Vitamin C, 10-15,000 IU’s of Vitamin D to have regular blood levels, and, of course, C60.

Watch this Rumble video!

Below you can read people’s online comments.

C60 is an antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

You have to take your medicines and vitamins not only during the coronavirus pandemic, but also you have to take them regularly.

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