Robin Bullock Says Biden Will Exit Air Force One For The Last Time!

Have you seen Robin Bullock’s film Eleventh Hour?

Oh my goodness….

These are usually good, but it seems like they’re getting more powerful by the week.

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There was so much in this latest one that I’m sure I’ll forget a lot of it, but this part about Biden stood out:

I watched something happen to Biden on the carpet of Air Force One, because he will be leaving it for the final time.

Crossing the Living God on purpose is a perilous thing to do.

Vomit on the rug, spilled on the carpet.

Then he got into a discussion about Biden’s eyes in a shot when they morphed into serpent eyes.

He even showed the photo, which you can see clearly.

But the best news is that Robin Bullock claims it won’t take long before everything is wiped out.

Soon….and very soon.

He claims that cleanup has already begun and that by July 4th, the majority, if not all, of it will be completed.

He now joins all the other prophetic voices in predicting that July 4th will be a pivotal date.

Not when Trump returns, but when everything shifts and everything is cleaned up or going to be cleaned up.

Do you have a sense of it?

I’m sure I can.

Watch this and enjoy the music at the beginning, but if you’re short on time, go forward until the music stops and he begins speaking prophetically (about the 31-32 minute mark):





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