Robert F Kennedy: Exposing The Fauci Monster

‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, a book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., exposes the controlled demolition of democracy. The Epoch Times reported that at the closing of the second year of the “CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus” having caused havoc in the world, the book has made the #1 best seller on Amazon charts, was also the top seller toward the end of November on Wall Street Journal’s list, and still appeared on the top 5 in USA Today’s list by mid-December.

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The book is as popular as the bible in these desperate times of ‘global pandemia’ forced upon us by our own governments.

Here’s more from the renowned English Expose.

“Additionally, for 17 years Kennedy has been working on public health issues, specifically vaccines. He recognized that what was happening in the public health arena was really unique, “because of these financial relationships with pharma, it’s regulatory capture on steroids. The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the three big agencies and their subagencies – FDA, CDC, NIH – is there is a seamless subsidiary relationship. In other words, people within these agencies … regard their job as in partnership with pharma,” he said.

Kennedy explained that vaccines are the fulcrum of the Agency/Pharma relationship because they are enormously profitable. Vaccines are exempt from liability so you cannot sue the pharmaceutical companies no matter how egregious the injury and “that alone has made vaccines immensely profitable.”

Vaccines went from being a $187 million dollar per year industry, when Fauci took control of the NIH, to a $60 billion industry. “But the big payments to pharmaceutical companies are selling the medications for the chronic diseases that are associated with the vaccines that they’re selling children,” Kennedy said. Fauci turned NIH from a public health agency into an incubator for pharmaceutical products.

The US Child Vaccination Schedule, for children from birth to 18 years old, comprises 72 injections. All 16 childhood vaccines are dangerous and are causing a number of health issues including an alarming increase in autism. Alix Mayer, an expert on vaccines who works for Children’s Health Defense, discussed children’s vaccine safety in more detail during an interview with Steve Kirsch, watch HERE.

We know Covid injections do not prevent transmission and, therefore, they cannot end a pandemic. “And so there really is not a public health rationale [for vaccine passports]. It is a control device. A control device that is linked to currency and your checkbook,” Kennedy warned.

“Here’s what we can predict. We know they have programmable currency,” he said and explained that what that means is every financial transaction we make will be visible to the government and that information can be made visible to financial outfits.

Using an everyday example Kennedy explained further: “They can program your money. Let’s say you violated social distancing, for example. They know your location 24 hours a day from your cell [mobile] phones … or facial recognition … you violate that social distancing and they can say ‘until you comply the punishment is you are under house arrest and you can only leave the house to buy at local grocery stores. And they can make it so your money does not work at any place other than the grocery store by your house … So, they can control you.”

“Once you get [vaccine] passports, [your previous] freedoms are no longer freedoms, they are privileges. And they are privileges that are contingent on your obedience to a, ultimately, limitless inventory of diktats.”

This man is a golden asset in this time of need.

What do you think about him?

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