Richard Rowe (41) Florida Congressional Candidate And Anti-Vaxxer Died Seven Weeks After His Second Pfizer Dose!

Lynne, Florida – One 41-year-old truck driver and self-described powerhouse progressive and LGBT died after one month of life dilled with vitriol.

Mr. Richard Ricky Rowe is a person who was strongly against the anti-vaxxer gang and firmly supported the shots.

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He was a truck driver by trade. However, he ran for seats in the Florida House Of Representatives and the US House of Representatives in 2020. However, he lost in the primaries in the previous race. Furthermore, he was a Democrat who emphasized that he was a progressive and not a liberal.

He got his first vaccine dose on August 12. We can’t tell for sure when he got his second dose. But, one thing is for sure, he was a loyal supporter of the vaccines. He followed the CDC recommendations and got the vaccine approximately September 5.

His posts are nastier and bizarre after August 12. He promoted indoctrinating kids with homosexual culture and shared one weird word=salad about pansexual and bisexual.


In October, he still attacked the non-vaccinated.

Later the same day, he stated that the unvaccinated people have to accept being day laborers like illegal immigrants at Home Depot because no one will hire them.

He then stated ”F*** Em’’ to the death of the ex-US Secretary of State Collin Powell.

This is the final post.

Mr. Rowe’s last FB post was on October 27, and he shared something about Senator Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia. He took his dog for a walk the morning of Thursday, October 29. Mr. Rowe “had an unknown medical episode and was found by the neighbors.” He was pronounced dead that morning.

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