RFK Jr: Dr. Fauci tortured And Killed Orphans Back in The 1980s!

Well, I wouldn;t be surprised – he never had respect for the weaker and less protected. Animal experiments, orphans… The man loves experimenting on the weak to hurt the entire human race!

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Fauci set a major national policy for nearly two years for almost two years now on who can work, what businesses can remain open, what religious services are allowed, as well as on-again-off-again mask mandates.

His recent history of torturing beagles brought controversy and condemnation.

Less well known, however, is the torture and medical murder of at least 85 orphan minority children in New York, children who were vulnerable, could not consent, and who would not be missed.

“These children were buried in mass graves at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, NY in Westchester County and otherwise forgotten,” Life Site News reported.

And Robert F. Kennedy Jr claimed that Fauci was the American Joseph Mengele back in the 80s!

These extreme claims are the subject of a new book by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., called “The Real Anthony Fauci.” In Chapter 7, the Kennedy heir lays out “NIAID’s Barbaric and Illegal Experiments on Children”

Furthermore, here are some bullet points from Kenned’s most recent interview on the subject with James Corbett

* Fauci tested harsh chemotherapy drugs on orphan children in order to determine their use for AIDS treatments in the 1980s
* Fauci got control of foster homes in 7 states
* Children were tortured to death
* Children were denied guardians and any kind of legal protector
* Children who refused to take Fauci’s drugs had feeding tubes installed so drug companies could administer the drugs even when the kids fought back
* Most of the children did not have HIV/AIDS, they were just used as guinea pigs to see if they could survive the harsh drug regimen
* At least 85 kids died as part of these experiments

These claims are so extreme they are hard to believe anyone would defend them. nd yet again – someone did.

The rationale for these crimes against children was explained by Jeanne Bergman, a writer, and editor for the AIDS journal of Housing Works, as she wrote the following bizarre things.

““Should children of three, six, or even 12 years get to decide if they will or will not take their medicine? Of course not, particularly when irregular dosing may result in multiplying drug-resistant HIV. All responsible parents and caregivers understand that children can’t make crucial life and death decisions for themselves, and the law recognizes this fact, too, such that children can neither give nor withhold medical consent. Columbia University ran the clinical trials the only way the kids could get the drugs that kept them alive.”


Mandatory treatments of children were necessary according to these Fauci defenders. Refusal by the children would not be tolerated. Studies showed that forced feeding tubes were preferable to giving the kids any choice.

“In 2004 the BBC broadcast a four-part documentary on Fauci’s crimes against children, called “Guinea Pigs.” The broadcast was never shown on American television.”

A Nurse at the time who participated in the testing told the 2004 BBC documentary:

“I did as I was told by the doctors. If they were dying, if they were vomiting, we were told that this was because they had HIV/AIDS and that this was to be expected.”


“Ghislaine Maxwell is being tried in New York this week for procuring teens for sex for the late Jeffrey Epstein during roughly the same period as Dr. Anthony Fauci procured New York orphan pre-teens for medical torture for big Pharma.

According to the documentary and researchers including Kennedy, the nurse was witnessing children who were suffering side effects to the drugs given to them by Fauci. Most of them had never been infected with HIV/AIDS in the first place. These children suffered in silence and were silently killed, and then anonymously discarded into a mass grave when they were dead and no longer useful.”

I feel like writing a horror movie script, chills covering my body and fingers as I’m writing these bizarre words. Tears in my eyes…

I demand justice and I demand you to stand along with me and gather for these poor creatures to never be forgotten!

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