Republicans Take Major Action Against “Authoritarian” Pelosi, Pushing to “Vacate” Her Chair

The letter was written in response to the controversy surrounding the appointment of the January 6 riot Select Committee earlier this week.

“Respectfully request that you pursue the authorization of the House Republican Conference, pursuant to Conference rules, to submit and bring up a privileged motion to vacate the chair and end Nancy Pelosi’s totalitarian reign as Speaker of the House by July 31, 2021,” the caucus wrote to McCarthy.

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The lawmakers claimed that Pelosi’s tenure is “destroying the House of Representatives and our ability to faithfully represent the people we are here to serve,” citing Pelosi’s actions such as “allowing proxy voting and insulting security measures such as metal detectors for Members coming to the floor to vote.”

Take a look at what the Daily Wire said:
Pelosi’s actions earlier this week were cited by the group, which stated that her “refusal to seat Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Jim Banks on the Select Committee to Investigate January 6 is unconscionable.”

Pelosi stated her January 6 Select Committee will go forward despite Republican “antics,” according to The Daily Wire, referring to McCarthy’s decision to withdraw GOP participation from the committee when she refused to seat two of his five nominees.

McCarthy unilaterally removed Republican participation when Pelosi blocked two of McCarthy’s picks, jeopardizing the authenticity of Pelosi’s final findings and branding the Democrats Select Committee as a “sham process,” according to The Daily Wire.

McCarthy issued his own statement, saying, “This reflects an outrageous abuse of authority that will irreparably harm this institution.” “By ignoring the opinions of members who have served in the military and law enforcement, as well as leaders of standing committees, this panel has lost all authority and credibility, demonstrating the Speaker’s preference for playing politics over pursuing the truth.”

McCarthy also stated, “Unless Speaker Pelosi reverses direction and seats all five Republican nominees, Republicans will not be party to this fake process and will instead conduct our own inquiry of the facts.”

“One of the three [McCarthy selections] I appointed voted against ratification, while the other two voted in favor. However, the other two [Jordan and Banks] made words and actions that made it absurd to put them on a committee seeking the truth,” Pelosi remarked.

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