Representative Tlaib Screams In Fight Over Pursuing Texas Abortion Law

She stated that this thing with the abortion law in Texas” is opening the floodgates” to the rest of the country.

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She is a highly radical left – she is on a pointing, savage strike here, along with other radical women from the Left, who are trying to take away the future lives of millions of unborn American babies!

Tlaib made it abundantly clear that she wants women to be able to freely tell their doctor to murder the living child that is inside their body. She and the other Democrats who spoke today seemed to get some sort of sick satisfaction out of it.

Tlaib began by throwing a screaming, crying fit, saying that Planned Parenthood was actually “healthcare” even though they take innocent lives every single day.

“You know, I grew up in the most beautiful blackest city in the country where 85 percent of the city of Detroit is black, and it’s beautiful, and the black mothers are the ones who told my mother to raise her voice when she had that heavy immigrant, like, accent at parent meetings. And you know, I’m sitting here, listening to people pretending, just ingenuinely, honestly, that they actually care about the lives of my black neighbors,” she began.

“I always get emotional about this, because I cannot believe that my colleagues who didn’t vote for the George Floyd Justice for Policing Act are talking about the fact that Planned Parenthood, which I believe is literally one of the only healthcare places and institutions like cities like mine; the fact that we have some of the worst infant mortality rates in the country among black children, we can’t even get them to one years old. It’s like, why are we spending the same energy, doctor, and saving those lives, getting them to one year?”

Such a PSYCHO!

Following up with that, Congresswoman Jackie Speier said that “abortion is safer than childbirth”….yes, really.

Then another radical leftist Ayanna Pressley said that abortion bans are based on “white supremacy” LOL:

Where is this going, can you see what the “radical lefties” and the Democrats are doing?! They’re getting rid of all the values we knew, erasing the system, the boundaries of respect, the “normal”… And segregating people on terms they see fit!

don’t you trust them! Don’t be blind!

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