REPORT: Virginia School Board Shuts Down Parent’s Objections To Racist Indoctrination

What’s the “more racist” thing here?

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The school board is so double standard, and a concerned citizen and a parent decided to talk it out, irregardless of the fact her opinion would be taken into consideration by the Board, or just by the free citizens that get the chance to hear her speech. The thing is going down in Fairfax County school, where “critical race theory” took a strong hit.

“By the fall every single one of you voted to remove the merit-based race-blind admissions test to [Thomas Jefferson High School]. And we plead with you — as Asians, as an immigrant, I came at the age of four, I knew no English — and you didn’t listen to us,” Nomani said. “And now I sit here listening to these empty proclamations and declarations you’re making about your great value of Asian Americans.”

She is working as a writer for The Federalist. They covered the story, stating the following:

“Nomani continued, complaining students were told by school officials that salsa dancing amounted to “cultural appropriation,” and therefore the formerly selective high school’s mostly-minority mostly-Asian students needed to “check their racism.”

“And so your empty proclamations are just that,” Nomani said.

Nomani, who serves as the vice president of Parents Defending Education, a national grassroots group organizing parents to reject state-sanctioned racism in schools, moved on to raise complaints about a board survey of parents aiming to establish institutions as sites of “re-education.”

The May 6 survey from the New York Leadership Academy seeks input from parents to shape leftist curricula. NYLA already signed a contract with the school board that Parents Defending Education estimates would cost the district upwards of $700,000 at minimum, and up to millions in taxpayer dollars. The survey filled with leading questions cost nearly $50,000, according to Parents Defending Education, based on payments already made this year.

More details of a four-year contract signed between the Virginia school district and the New York Leadership Academy remain hidden from the public, with officials demanding Freedom of Information Acts be filed before their publication.

Before Nomani could raise her objections to the partnership, however, board officials cut her off, directing Nomani to “go to your seat.”

“You all need to have a conscience,” Nomani told the board.”


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