REPORT: The Kenosha Officer In The Jacob Blake Case Cleared Of Wrong Doing

Can you imagine what a long year it was for the officer, who, according to the video footage, didn’t go over his duties?

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However, the whole unfortunate incident collided with the similarities with the George Floyd case, and the rest is up to the media pressure.

Luckily, the allegations against officer Rusten Sheskey have cleared away, according to the latest updates in the case.

“As of March 31st, 2021, Officer Sheskey has returned from administrative leave. Although this incident has been reviewed at multiple levels, I know that some will not be pleased with the outcome; however, given the facts, the only lawful and appropriate decision was made.”

As it was pointed out by Police Chief Daniel Miskinis:

“The Kenosha Police use of force incident on August 23, 2020, was investigated by an outside agency; has been reviewed by an independent expert as well as the Kenosha County District Attorney. Officer Sheskey was not charged with any wrongdoing. He acted within the law and was consistent with training. This incident was also reviewed internally. Officer Sheskey was found to have been acting within policy and will not be subjected to discipline.”

Let me just remind you that the whole situation dates back a year ago, and it was even compared to the George Floyd situation. Though many allegations tried to suggest that the culprit, Jacob Blake, didn’t have any weapon with him, the investigation and the police report clearly stated that he possessed a knife in his personal belongings. The whole situation escalated, got Blake shot 7 times, and left him alive, but paralyzed. His ex-girlfriend reported that Blake, disrespecting the restraining order, came to her house. The police went on the spot, and on video footage, it is clearly visible that Blake is wrestling with two officers – showing force to obvious people in a uniform.




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