REPORT: The Current Mask-Mandate And COVID 19 Decrease Rate In The States

In yet another statistical report, we will show you the truth, supported by numbers, charts, and percentage rates, taken by scientists in a separate analysis.

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The Democrats are the biggest hoax of all – since they’re just blabbing lies on TV, without actually checking the truly relevant data that supports a completely different truth than the one they’re shamelessly stating abroad all the biggest media. However, many scientific reports are here to testify against their words.

And which one has more value, what do you think?

Here’s a map of the current situation in the States, regarding mask mandates.

And on this next picture, the current situation with the COVID 19 is represented.

According to the research published by The New York Times,

“Twenty of the U.S. states that currently have mask mandates have Democratic governors, only five have Republican governors. The red states that presently have mask mandates are: Ohio, Massachusetts, Maryland. Vermont, and West Virginia. Only three of the 25 states without mask mandates have Democratic governors: Kansas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin.

The top three states for case rate increases in the past 14 days all have mask mandates and are run by Democratic governors: Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon. Of the states that have mask mandates, 6 had case rates increase (CO: 11%; HI: 5%; NV: 18%; NM: 1%; OR: 24%; WA: 3%); of the states without mask mandates, 3 had case rates increase (AL: 2%; MO: 5%; ND: 1%).

Thirty states have had double-digit decreases in case rates in the last 14 days. Seventeen of these states have mask mandates; thirteen have no mask mandates. Half of these states have Republican governors; half of the states have Democratic governors.”

And since it is very soon to speak, vaccines do decrease the COVID rates. But further research needs to be conducted in order for a clearer picture, since these numbers are very low, given the percentage of the vaccinated population.

“Most of the top twenty states for full vaccinations saw significant 14-day case rate declines: The average decrease for these states was 27%. Only two of the top twenty states for full vaccinations saw increases in 14-day case rates: New Mexico (1%) and Hawaii (5%). There are fourteen states with full vaccination rates under 30%: Two of these states saw case rate increases (AL: 2%; MO: 5%). The average rate trend for these states is minus 4%.

There is no clear correlation between case rates and COVID-related daily death rates. Indeed, the divergence in some cases is striking: Wisconsin’s case rate is down 14% over 14 days, while it’s COVID-related death rate is up 134%. Connecticut’s case rate is down 40%, while its death rate is down only 2%. Maine’s case rate is down 38%, while its death rate is up 13%. New Mexico’s case rate is up 1%, and its death rate is up 72%. And so forth.

There are 18 states with double-digit decreases in COVID-related death rates over the past 14 days: Ten of these states have no mask mandates; 10 have Republican governors. The worst 20 states for COVID-related death rate increases over the last 14 days: Eleven have Democratic governors and nine have Republican governors.”


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