REPORT: Sylvester Stallone Part Of Mar-A-Lago Club! Liberals Went Crazy!

Any kind of affiliation with President Donald Trump represents a cardinal sin. Many people, famous with wealth, have become victims of this phenomenon.

But Sylvester Stallone is entirely undeterred by the Twitter mafia.

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The New York Post Page Six stated that Stallone purchased a 13,241-square-foot house in Palm Beach, Florida. He paid it $35 million. Following this purchase, Stallone paid a $200,000 initiation fee to join Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club!

It isn’t a surprise for all those who know the Stallone family. Frank, Sylvester’s younger brother, has a robust relationship with Trump.

After Trump’s inauguration, the Washington Times interviewed Frank in 2017. He said that Trump would be an excellent president, and he didn’t make a mistake.

“Because I’ve worked with him and known him a long time. He’s a guy who is not programmed to fail.” – Said Frank Stallone.

He also continued saying that Trump is a nice guy. “Very personable” was the epithet he used to describe Trump.

Moreover, this is not something that the liberals would like. Their reaction to Sylvester’s participation in the Mar-a-Lago club was highly vicious.



It is effortless to select a celebrity through the safety of a device monitor, but how would it look like if they treated the millions of Trump’s voters the same way in front of the public?

We know that it happened a lot of times. But, starting a fight with a celebrity like Sylvester Stallone on Twitter is way too easy than to shout down the Trump-voting plumber while he fixes the toilet.

Sylvester Stallone has 74 years and a lot of money. He acts in a movie because he wants it, not because he needs money.

He doesn’t need the support of the woke and is not vulnerable to their machinations.

Maybe we can all learn something from him and his brothers. Perhaps we aren’t as rich as Stallone and his brothers, but cancellation is a severe concern if we allow!

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