REPORT: Red States Just Got Richer By $26.8 Billion

In this article, you will find the details of how they did that…

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I mean, looking from afar, you shouldn’t even be a politician to figure things out – it’s not rocket science!

The high taxation, high regulation, and authoritarian culture which are all hallmarks of Democrat ran states have their side-effect. And it’s called POVERTY.

And according to the NTD News report,

“IRS data tracking state-to-state migration shows that blue states saw a net outflow of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers who took nearly $27 billion in taxable gross income with them to red states.

The most recent IRS migration data shows that in the years 2017-2018, a net of 399,892 taxpayers and their dependents left blue states—in this case, defined as those in which both the state House and Senate are Democrat-controlled.

The figures are based on 2018-2019 tax returns and exemptions, reflecting 2017-2018 state-to-state flows of people. The IRS considers tax returns a proxy for households, while exemptions are a good approximation for the number of individual taxpayers and their dependents.

The nearly 400,000 taxpayers and dependents—a little over .1 percent of the U.S. population—who left blue states took with them a net $26.8 billion in taxable adjusted gross income to red states.”

Here are some more relevant data to witness and support these claims:


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