Report: No One From The Congress Was In Contact With Capitol Protestors During The Riot Says FBI

An FBI investigation claims that there is not a single evidence that some members of Congress had contact with the rioters during the attack on January 6.

The investigation found out a phone call between the “Proud Boys” and a person in the Trump White House. We still don’t know who was inside the house or had contact with the president.

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Immediately after the attack on January 6, a Democrat member asked the FBI to search through the Republican members to see if some GOP member helped the rioters.

The Washington Post on January 13, reported:
“Even as Democrats on Wednesday impeached President Trump, they turned their attention to allegations that Republican members of Congress encouraged last week’s attempted insurrection, possibly providing help that enabled the mob who stormed the Capitol,”

Representative Jerri Nadler (D-NY) cited a report from Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ):
“She saw Republicans who had groups coming through the Capitol that I saw on January 5 for reconnaissance for the next day.’ She said some of her GOP colleagues ‘abetted’ Trump and ‘incited this violent crowd.

The New York Times stated on Saturday “has revealed no evidence of communications between the rioters and Congress members during the deadly attack, the official said. That undercuts Democratic allegations that some Republican lawmakers were active participants that day.”

We don’t know yet if all the Congress members aren’t suspects anymore. However, the FBI said that they found some evidence for the event on January 6.  They found “evidence in the days leading up to January 6 of communications between far-right extremists and lawmakers who were planning to appear at the rally featuring Mr. Trump that occurred just before the assault,”

Also, the FBI said that they don’t suspect any members at this point.

The FBI arrested a middle-level State department aide who was related to the attack. The aide was accused of unlawful entry, violent and disorderly conduct.

On Saturday’s report, it was stated that a person in the Trump White House might have contacted extremists planning the attack.

Moreover, the FBI cannot say anything for sure. Also, they cannot reveal details due to confidential investigation.

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  1. They are all corrupt and lying through their teeth. Their minds are so depraved they think evil is good and good is evil. There is no truth to them anymore. They all need to be in prison.

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