REPORT: Is Wisconsin The FIRST State To Decertify The 2020 Election?

Wisconsin is likely to be the first state to decertify the 2020 election after Racine County Sheriff and Sgt. Michael Luell caught the Wisconsin Elections Commission red-handed.

OAN’s Christina Bobb released a report right after the information about the members of WEC emerged. They targeted nursing homes and shattered election laws.

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We reported previously that Sheriff Christopher Schmaling showed the results of the investigations about voter fraud in Wisconsin nursing homes performed by the WEC.

WEC officials broke the rules on purpose. They previously planned that, so they could steal the Wisconsin election.

Schmaling stated that the WEC officials were very well aware they were breaking the rules, so they instructed the county clerks. The WEC determined that the pandemic made it dangerous to use Special Voting Deputies in these places.

Special Voting Deputies represent trained professionals for protecting the voting rights of nursing home patients and stopping abuse, ballot harvesting, and other violations.

The WEC lettered the county officials, asking SVDs into the nursing homes. Other workers like food delivery and other service providers could enter the building. But Special Voting Deputies were barred from securing voting rights and preventing elder abuse.

Many ballots were cast on behalf of incapacitated patients who lacked the lucidity or capability to consent to the vote. According to some complaints, the votes were cast in accordance with how incapacitated voters ‘’voted the last election.’’

Schmaling thinks that the fraud targets were patients who weren’t limited to one facility but took place throughout the country. Over a hundred nursing homes with hundreds of ballots each may have been subjected to voter fraud performed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Christina Bobb stated:

Based on just nursing home abuses and election fraud, there could be as many as 50,000 – 100,000 fraudulent ballots cast in Wisconsin during the 2020 election.  Biden supposedly won the state by 20,682.  This is more than enough fraud to have changed the outcome of the election.

The Wisconsin Election Commission orchestrated a criminal and fraudulent election.  The sheriff has said that he is referring the crimes to the Racine District Attorney, Patricia Hanson.  Hanson is an elected Republican and will be called upon to prosecute these crimes.  At the same time, the Wisconsin legislature has more than enough evidence to show that the results certified in 2020 are fraudulent and must be decertified. It’s incumbent upon the Republican state legislature to stand by the laws they pass and not allow criminal activity to overrule law and order.  The Wisconsin State Legislature is primed to decertify their election.  Will they?

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