REPORT: Fauci’s Bosses Signed Deals With The Chinese Communist Front!

As more and more details about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s dirty games and plots are being revealed, I’m wondering if he’ll get sentenced to life and become one of the most notorious and hated people in the entire history of America!

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“Under the leadership of Dr. Francis Collins – who recently admitted the U.S. had “no control” over the Wuhan lab despite funding it – the U.S. National Institutes of Health signed a memorandum of understanding to boost collaboration with a Chinese Communist Party-run scientific organization funding the People’s Liberation Army.”

The NSFC press release noted the following:

“34 projects were selected for joint funding over the meeting. The two sides also held discussions on topics such as priority areas or the next round and evaluation and funding mechanisms. Besides a workshop on funding management was held following the evaluation session and staff members from both sides shared experience and ideas on issues ranging from peer-review process to post-funding management. The meeting has been highly recognized by both sides as a milestone in the collaboration between NSFC and NIH.”×921.png

Following the report published by The National Pulse,

“Auchincloss appeared in the recent reveal of Fauci’s emails, as the NIAID Director sent him panicked emails inquiring about “gain of function” research in China including studies authored by researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Beyond describing itself as a state-owned scientific body that is “guided by President Xi Jinping’s Socialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics for the new era” and “earnestly implementing the spirit of the Party’s 19th National Congress,” the NSFC has collaborated extensively with the regime’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The Natural Science Foundation of China’s 2020 funding guidelines identifies “innovative research in defense and military and civilian integration” as receiving “preferential” funding. The foundation also inked a 2016 “strategic cooperative agreement” with the Science and Technology Committee of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Military Commission – the regime’s paramount military policy-making body.”

Luckily their plans are being continuously revealed and thus, let’s hope they haven’t gotten their final phase yet…


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