Rep. McCarthy Claims Rep. Cawthorn Admitted To Orgies and Cocaine Parties

The accusation coming from Rep. Madison Cawthorn’s, that he was invited to “orgies” and saw officials “take cocaine right in front of him,” have eroded House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s trust.

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Additionally, McCarthy stated that Cawthorn has already came clean, and admitted exaggerating his assertions regarding sex and drugs in Washington, D.C.

“There are numerous possible outcomes. However, I just informed him that he had forfeited my trust. McCarthy told reporters, according to Politico’s Olivia Beavers, “He’s going to have to earn it back.” “I mean, he’s made a lot of members quite angry.”

Cawthorn’s committee assignments could be revoked as a result of McCarthy’s comments, he said, via the Hill. Rep. Cawthorn serves on the House Committee on Education and Labor, as well as the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

“This is simply not acceptable,” I exclaimed. It’s not supported by any evidence whatsoever,” McCarthy stated, according to Alayna Treene at Axios. “As a congressman, he should not be changing what he says. “It’s intolerable that he didn’t speak the truth,” I said.

The interview states he witnessed people doing cocaine. ” Later, while entering the building, McCarthy told Treene, “He says he thinks he saw maybe a staff member in a parking garage from 100 yards away.

“It’s a real pain. According to him, “his statements are devoid of evidence.” As a member of Congress, “you can’t make statements that influence everyone else and the country as a whole,” I reminded him.

When he spoke, he said, “The Constitution sets the age at which you can serve in Congress.” It’s important to show respect for the institution and focus on the work when you’re in Congress.

Nasty scandals all around. Everywhere you look…

what in God’s name is this “leadership” party doing?!

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