Rep Boebert: Why Biden Can Still Manage to Sleep At Night?

It’s like the guy is completely not living in this world, at this time, right?

After he has been inaugurated – we’re constantly on the breach of a new world war!

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First – is COVID.

Then Afghanistan.

Then Ukraine.

But – he is sill smiling, and not having any kind of difficulties sleeping through the night!

How come?

Well, first of all – at the very beginning, Joe was a low-budget, cheap lawyer. And then, he ‘miraculously’ turned to politics.

One reason – not for the people – for his own personal material-gaining motives!

Joe has been part of this disgusting, slimy swamp for almost 50 years. His soul is as black as night, and he’s not in this for the American people. He’s never been in it for anyone but himself and his smarmy family.

He was always empty inside. But as years have gotten him – he became even emptier, and more shallow – if that’s even possible!

Now, he’s a shallow suit that Obama dresses to continue ruling over this country. He’s the disguise Obama’s wearing into his third Presidency!

And as Rep Luren Boebert puts it, the reason Joe can sleep so well nowadays, even after all the destruction, is because he has NO IDEA what’s actually going on.

Here’s what she said:

And people online couldn’t have agreed more!


“Who is in his earpiece? That’s what we all want to know”

“I think he gets all his sleeping in during the day and wanders the WH like a lost puppy at night”

“I think he knows what he is doing in that he really doesn’t care. He is listening to the likes of Obama and Soros and sleeps comfortable in his castle in D.C. He is not, and never has been, a patriot.”

“The Biden family already got paid, and he doesn’t care.”

“Honestly, I think he’s in a fog the entire time”

“He gets drugs to go to sleep. Then he gets drugs to wake up and walk.”

“Imagine still defending this senile bag of dust? lol There are people out there who still defend this old codger”

“Because it’s the third term of Obama and Joe doesn’t even really know he’s the fake President!!!!”

“The entire WH is just run by activists who are looking for their next private sector NGO job. They don’t actually care if Biden succeeds.”

Anything you’d like to add on your own?

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