Reddit Hiding The Fact They Hired a Pedophile

The website has finally announced the firing of admin Aimee Challenor after nearly a week of extreme criticism from Reddit users over a controversial hire.

Pedophiles abound in Challenor’s past and present connections. She is a disgraced British politician who was expelled from many political groups, including the Green Party, for hiring her father, David Challenor, as her campaign manager.

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Challenor recruited her father when he was on parole for rape and torture of a 10-year-old child. He had already been convicted of 20 other offenses. Aimee was his roommate at the time he committed several of the crimes.
Aimee then married Nathaniel Knight, who has demonstrated his desire for child pornography and child mind control in order to communicate with adults on social media. The following is a connection to his upsetting post:

Reddit began banning and censoring anyone who even suggested Challenor’s name in reaction to the huge wave of outrage that swept through many of its subreddits. After nearly a week of shutting down famous subreddits like r/GenderCritical, they fired Challenor after the media became aware of the situation.

Many people are outraged that a convicted pedophile has been given control on a website used by millions of young people every day.

Challenor, in my opinion, was recruited because of his diversity. If Reddit had done even the tiniest amount of research into her history, it’s extremely doubtful that she would have been hired.

Prior to her hire at Reddit in 2020, all of her alarming associations and shortcomings were public knowledge. It’s shocking that there seems to be no screening at Reddit, and that being transgender was enough to get someone hired.
In my latest Youtube video below, I go through Aimee’s entire history as well as the Reddit controversy.


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