Red States Must Immediately Nullify The Federal Government And Declare Themselves “Health Freedom Zones” that DENOUNCE the FDA, CDC, and OSHA if They Want to Exist

With illegitimate occupier-in-chief Joe Biden waging outright war and economic terrorism against red states (see examples below), red-state leaders must now nullify federal government overreach in order to prevent their own citizens from being mass murdered by D.C. swamp policies designed to achieve depopulation.

The Biden administration is fighting red states in a variety of methods, including:

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Economic terrorism: allowing OSHA to ruin all firms that refuse to comply with vaccine regulations by imposing fines of up to $70,000 per day or more.
Biden has proposed limitations on sending monoclonal antibodies to red states in order to avoid shortages.

Vaccine requirements: Biden is committing medical genocide against every American by pushing for vaccine mandates, which will result in a huge die-off that will put states in a deteriorating economic (and humanitarian) crisis as the fatalities occur.
Border invasion: The Biden administration and its corrupt Justice Department are aggressively opposing basic border protection, openly enabling a land invasion of states such as Texas and Arizona in order to flood the country with replacement Democrats.
Madness of money printing: Every dollar issued by the Fed and disbursed by the Treasury is a debt instrument that deprives the hardworking Americans who make goods of their purchasing power.

Election rigging: Biden and other Democrats, such as Newsom, are now institutionalizing perpetual election rigging to ensure that the people’s will is never respected in any election. Despite the fact that their own bad policies are widely despised, they can maintain power by cheating in elections, as they did in 2020.
Prohibition of effective medicine: Have you noticed how the swamp in Washington, D.C. has attacked ivermectin and ensured that no hospital will provide it to patients? This is also a war on mankind, as it is part of the medical genocide plan.
Punitive taxation: The IRS will be given a mandate to raise taxes on productive people under the Biden administration (which is actually run by Obama).

A large list of wrongdoings: all of them are acts of war against red states in particular, and the American people in general. Any state that adopts this “death recipe” will perish along with America, as Obiden has long predicted. (Since taking office in 2008, Obama has been striving to bring the United States to its knees.) He is now in charge of Biden’s campaign.)

The FDA, CDC, OSHA, and other federal agencies that have been armed against the people must now be denounced and ignored by red states.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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