SHOCKING NEWS: Red Cross Warns- Vaccinated People Are INELIGIBLE For Plasma Donations! Are Their Blood And Organs Contaminated With Spike Proteins Too???

Hospitals recommend plasma treatment made of antibodies from individuals who already recovered from the virus, but the COVID-19 vaccines eliminate the antibodies, making their plasma useless.

We can conclude that unvaccinated people can donate plasma and save someone else’s life.
The entire situation is upside down, so those who want to help can’t because they already made a mistake and vaccinated themselves.

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COVID-19 shots eliminate the antibodies the person created while fighting the virus, so now they can’t be the potential donors.

If, here, in America, we have a 100% vaccination rate, the plasma treatment can be eliminated because no one could donate it, we would all be contaminating.

Convalescent plasma represents a therapy with antibodies from the blood of recovered COVID-19 patients for those who struggle with it now, dying of the disease.

Western Medicine is corrupted, and they even want to corrupt out blood. Autopsies of vaccinated people exposed trillions of spike protein through the body, capillaries, brain, heart, pancreas, lungs, etc.

The organs and tissues can’t be transplanted to others because they are full of contaminating spike proteins.
The survivor’s plasma serves for nothing, and it would be dangerous to transplant it to another sick person because their already sick organs will weaken even more.

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More than 60% of Americans don’t know that their organs aren’t safe to donate because of their vaccine.
Plasma is the most significant part of the blood, and it consists of salts, water, enzymes, nutrients, hormones, and proteins. It is a janitor that eliminates cell waste products from the organism. In their plasma, a person who already survived the virus has particular proteins created by their immune system, but it will end now because of the covid vaccine. The vaccine contains spike proteins which will eliminate the antibodies, contaminating the blood and organs, so they can’t be donated.

If you donate plasma to covid-19 infected individuals, or those struggling with cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, you will only make their death faster.

See the video here.

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