Kamala Red Carpet Video With Old Boyfriend

The real question is – why is this video being re-surfaced now after all this time has passed?

Is it in search of fame and likability because of her rapid, unstoppable sinking?

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But another fact came to our notice – she always had her eye on the rich, that’s for sure! No matter her reputation stands! She really did absolutely everything to climb the ladder of cooperative success and fame.

The rumor about Kamala’s tactics actually started with former San Fran Mayor Willy Brown, who dated Kamala, and basically called her out for using her “womanly ways” to get a leg up (pun intended).

Well, old loves, old habits…sure come to haunt you,, when you’re finally famous!

Kamala used to date controversial former talk show host Montel Williams.

And boy, oh boy, Tucker invited him in his show – and he spilled some tea on Kamala.

Makes you wonder how it all ended, huh?

Here are some comments.

“In one way or another, they’re all just actors.”

“Have you ever seen such a powerful woman who is so insecure and nervous in her own skin? This is why. She got a free ride, she didn’t earn anything”

“She was really trying to climb that ladder, back in the day, Montel was the man”

The Americans are not buying what she’s selling, obviously.


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