RED ALERT: America’s 9 Meals Away From Anarchy! Planned Massive Civil Unrest!

The United States Of America is into a Dark Winter

Massive famine was planned for the US, and it’s too late to reverse it. Widespread food scarcity is baked in! It’s only a matter of time when the dominoes will fall!

The United States Of America is into a Dark Winter. Famine is knocking on Americans’ doors, energy collapse, hyperinflation, and medical martial law. During the upcoming months, people will struggle with:

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  • Food riots in Democrat-run cities
  • Government-enforced rationing of food purchases at retail (welcome to Amerizuela)
  • Some sort of food rationing enforcement ID system, possibly a biometric / Mark of the Beast system
  • Aggressive public shaming of “hoarders” and possible criminalization of stockpiling food

We already know that the public school systems have no food. One school in Alabama advised the parents to keep their children at home because the school doesn’t have food to feed the children.

In every market, the shelves are empty, and you can explore the hashtag #BareShelvesBiden online.

The MSM started reporting on the worsening shortages and blamed hoarders, not the engineered supply chain crisis due to the Biden regime.

Furthermore, food manufacturers warned of the massive food price increase for the foreseeable future. Grocery retailers have to dispatch their cargo trucks to food manufacturers to pick up pallets of food because they can be delivered in any other way due to labor shortages.

Nine Meals away from ANARCHY!

It is evident that the purposely created food collapse will bring people into extreme food scarcity by Christmas!

Everything is planned! The Biden criminals want to bring America into collapse, civil unrest, and anarchy so they can suspend the 2022 election, preserving Dems rule for the foreseeable future.

The plan is accelerated by mass firings up in police, firefighters, 911 operators.

Governments and corporate leaders are firing people who reject the vaccine, and others who are vaccinated could face death. The result is the deliberate gutting of the nation’s infrastructure, transportation, logistics, medicine, law enforcement, local government, etc.

These things mentioned above are a part of the systematic, planned dismantling of an entire nation.

We will face mass starvation, destitution, and anger causing nationwide uprising revolt that Biden and his incapable administration have caused.

We can describe this as a January 6th event, on a nationwide scale. The protesters will be hit with bioweapons, which DHS tests in the open across NYC.

In collaboration with the globalist controllers, President Biden wants to create a war against the Americans, which comes after every Marxist and fascist government regime.

You will witness the massive uprisings this winter but bear in mind that everything was invoked by the engineered food scarcity, and it is in the hands of Americans’ traitors.

Most of the Americans weren’t prepared to hear this news! However, it is evident, sooner or later, they must know the truth!

The nation takedown has begun, and it won’t be long before America resembles Venezuela.

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