Recorded Conversation CAUGHT ON VIDEO FBI and DHS Attempt To Recruit Spy on Oath Keepers, Proud Boys

Jeremy Brown is a former Republican congressional candidate in Florida’s 14th Congressional District and a Green Beret. Brown was a member of the US Army from 1992 to 2012, rising to the rank of Special Forces Master Sergeant.

On January 6, Jeremy also attended the Stop the Steal demonstration in Washington, DC. In November, Jeremy joined the Oath Keepers and traveled to Washington, DC to provide security at the numerous protests and rallies taking place that week.

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Jeremy Brown began speaking out earlier this month about how the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contacted him and tried to recruit him to spy on patriots and daily Americans.

Jeremy Brown was contacted by FBI agents at his home in December for “posting some things online.”

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The FBI contacting Jeremy at his home was captured on camera and released by Jeremy. Jeremy also made an audio recording of his meeting with the FBI. For months, Jeremy debated whether or not to make this information public.

Jeremy joined Brandon Gray on Banned.TV earlier this month to discuss what happened after he joined the Oath Keepers in November.

When government officials came to his house, Jeremy recorded their conversation. Jeremy also made recordings of his FBI meeting at a local restaurant public.

In a recent video, Jeremy explains that the FBI called his cellphone and requested a meeting after attempting to contact him at his home. In December, Jeremy met with FBI agents at a restaurant in Ibor City. He told Brandon Gray that the FBI tried to recruit him to spy on the Oath Keepers 38 seconds into the interview.

Last night, The Gateway Pundit spoke with Jeremy Brown. Jeremy is SAFE, but he’s keeping low and moving until he has “a complete grasp on any fallout that is certain to result,” according to him.

In Florida, Jeremy filmed his FBI interview. He taped the entire conversation and made it available on BanThis.TV.

This is a shocking piece of information. The FBI is attempting to infiltrate patriot organizations made up of retired military personnel who swear to uphold the United States Constitution.




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