Randy Quaid Sends A Message To Biden’s Legal Team

Using a scorching Tweet, famous comedian actor Randy Quaid decided to send a big message to Biden, the Dems, and his legal team for everything they’ve done, and continue doing against young teenager Kyle Rittenhouse.

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Kyle is already famous. He achieved something rarely someone from his age can. And he’s famous for stuff he doesn’t want to be famous… Probably he’ll leave the country, or leave in some green getaway after this mess has cleared away.

During the campaign in a video ad, Joe Biden suggested Kyle Rittenhouse was a “white nationalist.” And then in an interview, Biden falsely claimed that Rittenhouse was part of a racist militia from Illinois.

Here’s what youngster Kyle had to say about Joe Biden’s malice and defamation against him.

Also, actor Randy Quaid is on board with that idea, and he believes that Joe Biden did indeed slander Kyle.

Here are some of the comments made by people online.

“Hunter better start blowing more crack paintings”

“Joe could win the case by pleading insanity, no jury would disagree”

“Can’t think of a better way to end this nightmare than by an 18 ye old Trump supporter suing the diaper off Joe”

“Biden just shit himself again”

” I hope Kyle sues this old buzzard and every news org out there”

“All that lying and stealing for 50 years, only to have a teenager come take it away LOL”

Anything you’d likle to add?


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