Randy Quaid Just Came Up With a Great Way For Biden and Harris to “Honor” George Floyd

It’s hilarious to watch Joe Biden and Kamala Harris behave as if they care about black people being imprisoned or stopped by cops.

After all, Biden is the Godfather of the most widely passed crime bill in the history of the United States…a bill that ripped the black community apart and transformed the face of the black family for decades.

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Then there’s Kamala Harris, a woman who spent her early career as a prosecutor in California locking up minorities.

Many people believe Kamala is a heartless and ruthless prosecutor who has imprisoned many “innocent” black men.

And, here we are, in the middle of a huge upheaval, and these two fools, who have wreaked havoc on the black community in various ways, are the spokespeople for “justice.”

It’s both ironic and depressing.

The hypocrisy and deception are revolting.

Kamala and Joe began pandering their hearts out the moment Derek Chauvin was accused of murdering George Floyd. Randy Quaid, an actor, took note and gave some sound advice to the two snake oil salesmen.

“Biden can respect George Floyd by apologizing for his position on mass incarceration, and Harris can apologize for her previous malicious prosecutions of innocent Californians,” he said.

Isn’t that a little bit of a reality bomb?

Do you believe Kamala and Joe will follow your advice? There’s no way. They’ll just pretend that none of that horrible stuff happened in the past, and rewrite history to suit their needs.

That is just what the Democrats do these days. If they don’t like the way something used to be, they just delete it and start anew.

But, unfortunately for Democrats, those of us who aren’t crazy never forget the facts, and we’ll never stop talking about it.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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