Randy Quaid Gave The Most Amazing Theory About Biden I’ve Heard To This Day

The live speech Biden gave from The White House, was mostly about signing the relief bill – we are aware of that.

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However, he did mention some other things that made a lot of questions pop out. Like, when he tried to credit himself for the discovery and distribution of COVID vaccines?!

Irregardless of the divided opinions about the vaccines – is it better or not to take them, who would take it, would they be mandatory for all ages, and a million other similar questions. Regarding the vaccination in America, it is the sole achievement of President Trump and his administration and governance, widely known as “Operation Warp.”

It’s absolutely disgraceful that Joe Biden acts as the world has just started counting time since he became President, and like the past hasn’t been recorded, or we haven’t been even alive to remember…

At the same time, instead of being supportive and full of hope, the speech was dystopian and with a slight accent of upcoming tyranny upon us…

And though Fox News hasn’t been quite fond and supportive of President Trump lately, they also don’t seem to be supportive of Biden as well. Charles Payne from Fox News just tweeted:


And here’s the theory I was mentioning, given by actor Randy Quaid. Here’s what Randy Quaid said:

“Dems want NO ID voting laws, but want a massive influx of un-documented – To get vaxxed you must register WITH ID- Thus, Biden cabal now “requiring/requesting” all 18 & over IDs to get vaxxed by May. Dems want to use vaccine to figure out how many zombie voters they need for ‘22.”

Very SCI-FI, but yet – very truthful…

In the end, all sci-fi novels eventually came to the reality we live in. Since every future becomes now…


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