Randy Quaid Believes He Exposed Biden’s Vaccine Scheme, And It Involves 2022!!!

According to Randy, Biden’s vaccine has a sinister link to the 2022 election.

Biden is trying to be the COVID savior, but it somehow isn’t working.

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Logically, Biden desperately wants to take the credit that Trump deserves for the COVID VACCINE.

We aren’t debating whether or not you want and support the vaccine, but we must confess that Trump’s Operation Warp speed up the process of the vaccine import in record time!

It is nonsense to suggest something different, precisely what Biden plagiarized does. His reign of terror is dark and dystopian!

Biden wants to cancel the celebration of the 4th of July with friends and family. Believe me that won’t bring any good!

Charles Payne from Fox News messaged Joe Biden.

Biden, what he thinks he is? Many Americans already live normally, but it is crazy all that worshiping at the altar of coronavirus.

It was a bizarre message that made many people furious. But, Randy Quaid wasn’t only put off by the comments, but he thinks that Biden’s statement on the vaccine has some more significant meaning linked to the 2022 election.

Randy Quaid stated: “Dems want NO ID voting laws, but want a massive influx of un-documented – To get vaxxed you must register WITH ID- Thus, Biden cabal now “requiring/requesting” all 18 & over IDs to get vaxxed by May. Dems want to use the vaccine to figure out how many zombie voters they need for ‘22.”


What is your opinion on this issue?

Can you imagine the database they can design by capturing the contact details of numerous people in one quick place? Otherwise, many people would not know about it.

It is like we live on two different planets at this moment.

The left side represents the planet in the dark, and the right side is living in a normal environment.

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