Raffensperger With New Tune On Fulton County!

Chickens are going home to roost, as the saying goes!

We all know that something went wrong with GA’s election results. We mean on the fraud!

How can one 30-yer-old-red state all of a sudden flip and become blue?

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It’s illogical!

Well, now, because it happened, we need to guess that something happened. The thing that happened is that Biden cheated.

People can say many things, and we can talk about the workers exporting suitcases of ballots, counting them unsupervised, about Dominion, etc. Everything, in the end, alludes to that BIDEN CHEATED!

Many people will say that it is only one allegation and only one method used to commit the fraud, but now all those things can be done, and still, no one can’t find anything. Until someone finds one piece of evidence, all of those things mentioned are untrue!

Raffensperger is the one who is shouting down our allegations.

He trumpeted the baseless claims and no evidence propaganda that we are hearing for several months now. He is now changing his tune, so he wants to examine the missing chain of custody docs for Fulton County.

See below.

Georgia Star News covered the story.

Four months after November 3, 2020, presidential election, state, and county officials in Georgia have failed to produce a chain of custody documents for an estimated 404,691 vote by mail absentee ballots deposited in drop boxes and subsequently delivered to county registrars for counting.

As of March 3, only 56 of Georgia’s 159 counties have provided ballot transfer form data to The Georgia Star News. The number of absentee by mail ballots delivered to registrars in those 56 counties totaled only 195,309, or 32.5 percent, of the estimated 600,000 absentee vote by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes and delivered to county registrars and counted in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

In other words, there is no chain of custody for 67.5 percent – an estimated 404,691 – of the estimated 600,000 absentee votes by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes and delivered to county registrars and counted in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

The 2020 presidential election outcome in Georgia was decided by fewer than 12,000 votes – about three percent of the 404,000 absentee vote by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes and delivered to county registrars where they were counted.

Georgia county officials have made little progress in the two months since The Star-News reported on January 3 that 28 counties had provided ballot transform forms documenting 140,628 votes by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes.

In the two months between January 3 and March 3, 28 additional counties responded, adding ballot transfer form documentation for an additional 54,719 ballots, bringing the total vote by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes for which there is a chain of custody from 140,628 to 195,329.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shared about the investigation in Fulton County.

Republican Sens. Brandon Beach of Alpharetta and Burt Jones of Jackson, both of whom are considering campaigns for higher office, didn’t return messages seeking comment. Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer and GOP gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones also toured the Arizona arena, where 2.1 million ballots are being scrutinized. Like Jones and Beach, Shafer and Jones have frequently repeated fraud allegations.

Partisan election reviews without strict rules and a strong chain of ballot custody are nothing more than attempts to find a different result, said David Levine of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, an organization that advocates for election integrity. Arizona’s ballot inspection is missing those safeguards, he said.

“There’s a real concern that such an effort can further polarize folks when we continue to see large parts of the country that don’t view results of the 2020 election as legitimate,” Levine said. “I feel confidence in the integrity of Georgia’s election results based on the processes they had and the reviews they did.”

Supporters of further ballot reviews in Georgia say previous audits failed to go far enough because they recounted the same ballots without double-checking that they were legitimate. They say analyzing absentee ballots in Fulton — a Democratic stronghold that went heavily for Biden — would find the truth.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution The Georgia Star News Twitter

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