Radar Clip Of 9 UFOs Around U.S. Navy Ship Is Accurate! Pentagon Confirms!

One footage that shows nine UFOs swarming a U.S. warship is authentic, confirmed Pentagon, right after the video leaked by a UFO expert.

“I can confirm that the video you sent was taken by Navy personnel and that the UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force) included it in their ongoing examinations,” Pentagon’s spokesperson announced, NBC correspondent reports.

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However, the ship was located in a warning area of San Diego’s coast, California. The video dates from July 15, 2019. Jeremy Corbell, an investigative filmmaker, released the video on May 27. He shared that the Visual Intelligence Personnel team recorded the video in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha.

Corbell shared that the unique video has 43 seconds, and there we can see an unusual craft spotted through the electro-optics data, a radar guide technology installed on aircraft, ships, and ground bases.

From the video, you can see one operator saying: “Track 781 just sped up to 46 knots. 50 knots. Closing in.” And later, one of the objects speeds up to “138 knots. Holy [expletive]. They’re going fast. Oh, it’s turning around.”

One hundred thirty-eight knots equals 158 miles per hour.

Corbell says that one of the USS Omaha crewmen stated: “The most impressive evidence we witnessed was their endurance. The event lasted over an hour, with all contacts just disappearing. We were never able to discern where they departed to.”

Corbell also added that there were precisely fourteen UFOs in the incident, and all of them are caught in the video. Moreover, he thinks that even more were involved because some of the craft disappeared from the tracking system. But it is possible for those to submerge into the water or go to an aptitude higher than the Navy machine’s detection can detect.

Precisely this kind of cross-platform information from sensor data is regarded as unique and rare. Corbell added that it’s corroborative of a previously shared video, showing a spherical UFO filmed by the Navy diving into the water at the end.

The Epoch Times asked for a comment from the Pentagon, to which they never responded.

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