Q’s World-Saving Scheme! A Complete Documentary of the World’s Greatest Military Intelligence Snare!

Demonic Democrats, the Deep State, Propaganda Media, Big Tech, Big Money, and Big Pharma are all being exposed! Our Great Military Will Conduct New Elections in the United States in the Not-Too-Distant Future! Keep your wits about you and have faith! It’ll be a Biblical experience! You’re watching a pre-written film! And nothing will be able to stop what is about to happen. Nothing! The Deep State Cabal’s Greatest Fear Is A Mass Awakening!

Before we could see the light, we had to walk through the darkness! It has to be this way in order to protect future elections and protect our children from the true pandemic: child sex trafficking! The Patriots have the ability to prove anything! However, the longer we wait, the more the Deep State will be revealed! Every scenario was meticulously planned! The entire world is keeping an eye on you!

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www.bitchute.com www.nbcnews.com www.beforeitsnews.com

Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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