PV VOLUME II: Sr. Advisor Exposed Gov. Murphy Secretly Funneled $40 Million In Taxpayers To Illegals! The Truth Is POLITICAL SUICIDE For His Career And Re-Election!

Project Veritas came up with a new video this Wednesday. It’s the second installment of the undercover investigation into dirtbag NJ Governor Phil Murphy, and he is in a race for re-election.

In the first video shared on Monday, one senior campaign advisor for Governor Murphy, Wendy Martinez, spilled the beans about the terrible plan to impose a covid vaccine mandate across the US after his re-election.

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But it isn’t something new; the Dems love that. Since always, they have wanted to mandate the vaccines across America!

Wendy Martinez is the star in the second video too. She exposed that Murphy secretly gave tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens in New Jersey. The total sum of money Gov. Murphy has given until today is approximately $40 million, and he wants to give even more.

I guess they know precisely what they are doing. And, exposing the truth about Phil Murphy will be his political suicide.

Martinez: “It [money] was for the excluded workers – for the undocumented workers. I think it’s $40 million, something like that, and to designate that much at this point would be political suicide.”

PV Journalist: “If he allocates that much to the illegals? So, he isn’t going to say anything right now?”

Martinez: “There’s been some money given already. It hasn’t been said. What’s happening is they want more. I think that the forty million was what was already given.”

PV: “But if he talks about it, then it’s gonna be suicide for him?”

Martinez: “If he does it right now, yes.” 

PV: “But he’s gonna do it?”

Martinez: “Yeah, we just need to get elected first.”

Matthew Urquijo is the manager of the NJ Forward and was caught by another PV journalist. He admitted that he expects that the governor will give more taxpayer money to illegal aliens. Also, from the video, we can hear that the Dems want to win seats in the state legislature to easily ram through their radical agendas.

“I think there’s definitely going to be more aid. Especially [because] this will be his second term.

The goal is to win even more seats in the legislature so that we can like, just push, push through.

See this below:


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