Pulitzer, Byrne, Lindell, Bring Hope Vegas Event By We The People USA Alliance

The Nevada Chapter of We The People USA Alliance held a high-energy event yesterday that gave hope and optimism to patriots who are aware of the massive election fraud and coup that occurred on November 3rd of last year.

Mike Lindell, George Papadopoulos and his wife Simona, Jovan Pulitzer, and Patrick Byrne were among the many speakers.

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The audience was urged by Papadopoulos not to let the America First revolution die. “Don’t be discouraged by them. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda. Do not be afraid. We’ve got the figures. We have the upper hand!”

Three points were emphasized by Jovan Pulitzer. “1. We had a president who cared for the people of the United States. Our minds were blown open. 2. Covid demonstrated how the government would deprive us of our freedoms and privileges. We now understand how fragile those liberties are. 3. This election has made everybody know what we will not face: our democratic system is shattered, corrupt, and rigged, and it is not working for the people. The United States of America is watching!

“This is a fight between warriors – you were chosen to be here, for a cause, to do this.”

Patrick Byrne began his remarks with a quote from Henry the Fifth about battling a daunting foe and then concentrated on American exceptionalism.

“We have the proof. There were 19 successful Chinese cyber attacks that resulted in over 500k votes being switched in favor of Biden, swinging the election. We have everything we need, as well as the assurance of a Methodist minister with four aces.”

Mike Lindell talked to the audience via video call and encouraged them to be positive as more information became accessible. “It would get America more together than it has ever been before!”


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