Psaki Stereotypes White Conservatives And Gets Brutally Mocked!

Well, you just CAN’T say whatever you think, especially when you’re the Press Secretary of the White House!

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And if she thinks she can – she should expect things such as this one in return!

While she was explaining all the efforts the government has put into the vaccination, and still has to tell the people who have already received a vaccine to wear masks – she went low… very low…

She actually dared to say that “the White House hopes to convince rural, red-state Americans to accept the government’s COVID vaccines and has resorted to racial stereotyping in a particularly elitist fashion to spread the message.”


“The New York Times, last week, came out with a story that Mississippi was having a hard time getting folks vaccinated,” Psaki was told by a reporter, according to an official White House transcript. “But it’s not just Mississippi; it’s a bunch of other rural states — Ohio, Oklahoma. They’re at 34 percent vaccination rate.”

“Has the White House been in touch with these governors to see what they can do now?” Psaki was asked. “Because, of course, this impacts herd immunity and the goals of the White House just to get these shots in arms.”

“We’re also investing $3 billion to states and community-based organizations to strengthen vaccine confidence in the highest-risk and hardest-hit communities,” she said. “And often, people think of that as just black and brown communities, and that is not. As you’ve noted, that is also conservative communities, white evangelicals. It’s a range of communities around the country.”

“We’ve also had a number of our members of our COVID team, from Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins — participate, as an example, participate in a range of media interviews,” she said. “You know, an example is Dr. Collins participated in ‘The 700 Club.’ Dr. Nunez-Smith hosted a faith leaders roundtable. We’re also looking for — we’ve run PSAs on the ‘Deadliest Catch.’ We’re engaged with NASCAR and Country Music TV.”

And here are some of the comments of people who were totally outraged by this type of behavior…

Such a person in such a high-stake position…

Disrespecting the people who gave her power and governance…


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