Psaki Gets Out Biden’s Statement For Dog Scandal

The Biden dog-biting case was a little too thorny for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to talk about on Morning Joe today.

“Before you go, I’m just wondering if Major is still there, because I’m a big fan of rescue dogs.” Mika inquired, her face flushed with embarrassment. “It’s been reported that he’s gone. Did he bite anyone? “Did Major take a bite?”

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Psaki responded, “I don’t have any details.” “I don’t have any new information on the incident reports for you, Mika. But, as a dog owner, I know you’ll be pleased to learn that Major and Champ are members of the Biden family. They belong to the same family as the rest of us. When the First Lady travels, they often visit Delaware. And they’re getting used to their new surroundings.

However, I don’t have any more details on those papers. I just know they’re cherished members of the family, as well as the White House family.”

As a result, Psaki reveals that the dogs’ “new home” is the Biden estate in Delaware. Something must have happened to Major as a result. “All right, that’s it. Mike answered, “Major and Champ.” “Thank you very much, Jen Psaki, White House press secretary.”

Major and Champ were reportedly returned to the Biden family’s Wilmington, Delaware home last week, according to CNN and TMZ.

Biden isn’t having much luck with his canine companions. The 78-year-old broke his foot in December after “tripping on a rug after a shower when he chased one of his dogs and grabbed its tail,” according to the New York Post.

Professor of political science Eddie Zipperer pointed out the big difference in coverage between pets under Trump’s administration and those under Biden’s.

“What is it about President Donald Trump that he despises dogs?”
“What does it mean about Donald Trump that there is no ‘First Dog’ in the White House?”
“There Will Be Dogs in the White House Once More”
“After a ‘biting incident,’ Joe Biden’s dogs were sent home to Delaware – report” It seems that everything in the White House is going to the dogs.


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