Psaki Defends Biden And Harris For Not Commenting On The Cuomo Scandal!

In the last few days, the top press theme is Cuomo’s accusation of sexual harassment! Multiple former aides accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment during their office time.

Despite being fast to condemn Republicans who were accused of committing sexual harassment in the past, both Biden and Harris kept quiet about Cuomo’s accusations.

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On her press conference on Tuesday, Jen Psaki defended Biden and Harris’s silence.

We all know that Harris is the person who criticizes most loudly, but this time she remained silent.

Kristin Fisher from Fox News noted that Harris was the most vocal critic when SP Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of similar allegations, saying at that time ‘’I believe them.’’

Also, Fox News reporter Fisher stated that the last woman who accused Cuomo, Anna Ruch, worked for the Biden-Harris campaign.

We are all asking the same question. At this point, what will Kamala Harris say about this????

Psaki defended Biden and Harris and said:
“So let me reiterate that they both believe that every woman coming forward should be heard, should be treated with dignity and treated with respect.

Also, Psaki added that Joe Biden and the vice president, Kamala Harris, firmly support the investigation led by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Fisher also noted that it is one thing if we heat something from Psaki, but it is an entirely different thing if we hear something from Biden and Harris themselves.

Can we expect this briefing soon? – asked Fisher.

Fisher didn’t answer precisely. She said:
‘’Again, I am speaking on their behalf; that’s how they feel.’’

Andrew Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in the workplace. These accusations come from three women who were his aids.

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