Proud Texan Randy Quaid Fights Biden Over His Divisive “Neanderthal” Crack

The so-called “president” who is supposed to be “uniting” the nation is once again calling Americans names.

This time, he claims that someone who wants to return to their usual lifestyle is now “thinking” like a knuckle-dragging caveman.

Is it possible for you to sense the love and unity? Isn’t it overflowing?

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Here’s the video:

To even hit the “Neanderthal” mark, Joe will require many promotions and 12 more “handlers.”

What a dreadful and depressing thing to say.

And pro-Trump actor Randy Quaid, who has a bone to pick with Sleepy Joe, was not feeling “unified” about Joe’s nasty name-calling.

Randy is a proud Texan, and he wants old Joe to realize that he isn’t in the least bit “Neanderthal.”

Randy said, “As a native Texan, I am appalled that our president has referred to me as a Neanderthal.” 23 And Me has verified that I do not have a Neanderthal ancestry gene in my DNA. This isn’t to suggest that Neanderthal lives are unimportant; it’s just that a lot of us Texans have grounds for a class action lawsuit.”

COVID is something I’ve had before.

My daughter, who works for a business that requires all employees to wear masks at all times, caught it – at work.

Her entire office became ill and had to close for two weeks.

This organization, once again, requires that everyone in the office wear masks at all times. They’re so strict that they can’t even share a sandwich. In a small lunchroom that is thoroughly sanitized after each use, only one person at a time is allowed… Regardless, every single person in that office tested positive, including myself. As a result, forgive me if I am skeptical of masks’ ostensibly impressive effects.


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