Prophecy! Two ‘’America’s House’’ Leaders Will Leave The House, Dead, On The Same Day!

Many people have already seen the video we will share with you today.

Can you guess how I know this?

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Well, too many of you have sent it to me, so I had to watch it!

First of all, I have to thank you for sharing the information we have missed to post! That is the kind of audience we want to have.
I have to confess. We did miss this info.

I have to mention that I don’t know who this woman is and that I haven’t seen her videos. But because so many people have sent it to me, I had to pay attention to it.

According to the woman who is speaking, Lord ordered her to read the Book of Samuel, where one specific phrase should grasp our attention.

The message is unambiguous, she said. God will expel two members from America’s House.
‘’God is about to clean ‘’house’’ in America, starting with America’s House.’’

What is this supposed to mean?

Which house will God clean? The House of Representatives, or the House of the Senate?
Maybe it will be the White House?

The woman doesn’t know, neither do we.

One thing is for sure, and the message claims that two leaders of America’s House would die on the same day, one in the morning and the other in the evening.

See the video below.

Are you following Hank Kunneman’s messages and what he is saying? If you are a person like me, you have probably heard what the pastor said last week so that you can connect his words with this video.

In the video that the pastor shared the previous week, he said that two major events would happen on the same day. One of the events would occur in the morning, and the other one in the evening.

Everything is very closely linked!

But, if these words turn out to be accurate, these two, the pastor and Deborah, are real fortunetellers.

Time will show everything!

However, one thing remains a mystery.

When would the event take place?

Maybe in April?

See what pastor Hank has to say.

And now see what Deborah has to say! But, bear in mind this video may be deleted later!

Moreover, here are the top comments on the videos.



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