Proof That Injectable Microchip Trackers Are Being Used

FAce recognition filters, GPS tracking, and camera monitoring tools are undoubtedly monitoring us…

But microchipping is the next stage of the “wake eye” upon humanity.

The process has already started and has been conducted as a successful experiment in some poor democratic states.

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But the most recent discovery that has been proved to be true and not just rumored is the Beast System and microchip implants.

A recent article by the Express UK read the headline “Covid microchip developer says there’s no stopping roll-out: “Whether we like it or not!” Many people who were deemed “Conspiracy Theorists” can now feel vindicated.

The Swedish tech startup Disruptive Subdermals has created a two-by-sixteen millimeter implantable microchip that it says can be scanned to show your vaccine status. In an interview with the Express, a British newspaper, the company’s managing director says, quote:

“This technology exists and is going to be used whether we like it or not.”

Watch for more information:

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Ava Garcia

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