Proof From Dan Scavino That Biden Isn’t In The White House!

Since always, Dan Scavino has shared interesting tweets. People read too much from them, but sometimes we can’t even understand the main point.

Now, a hidden message shows the reality!

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See this:

It is a video where President Trump and Melania host a big Halloween party in 2020.

It’s a long tradition for the first lady and the President to host events at the WH for the major holidays.

What happened now?

Biden is in Europe, talking to the Pope and not hanging with the rest of the leaders.

The most popular President in America isn’t hosting events at the WH for this holiday? We advocated several holidays since Biden is in office, and there was a celebration for neither one.

There aren’t events hosted at the WH, and the MSM confirms that Biden created a replica WH set, and there he films significant events.

Is this the biggest fraud of all? No, Biden can do better!

Biden shared that he got his third booster shot. This is what he said:

I’m not one to say we’re all watching a movie….

I have never said that.

But I do have eyes and I can see when something looks “off”….or fake.

And by God I watched the video of the Resident allegedly getting his booster jab today and the whole thing just looked off.

But see what you think and let me know.

Here’s the video:

I somehow seemed different. And we weren’t the only ones that noticed this.


His head is weird.

This is what happened. An image emerged online from Biden.

I saw it and immediately knew it was fake. He was faking the WH set. It turned out that I was right.

There is a video from the event. Biden didn’t even get the jab. Fox News confirmed this.

See it below:

Is Biden truly the President of the US, and he has access to the WH? Why would he fake something like this?

Is Biden the President of the USA?

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