Project Veritas Whistleblower Shared That Washington Nursing Home Patient Died After Receiving A ‘’Chemical Restraint’’ To Coax Her Into Taking Shot Against Her Will. [MUST WATCH]

One pair of courageous whistleblowers, ex-workers at Aegis Living Facility, Issaquah, Washington, shared details and shocking allegations of elder abuse, fraud, and horrific medical malpractice.

Project Veritas, Cassandra Renner, a former Medical Technician at the senior living center, shared one troubling event where one resident who didn’t want to get the C-19 vaccine, the officials gave her forcefully, like Xanax. They lied about the vaccine type, only for her to get the vaccine.

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“I had overheard a chemical restraint being given to one of the residents I worked with in order to get her to take the COVID vaccine…They had given her a PRN, like Xanax, and they were successful after giving her the PRN in order to get her to take the COVID vaccine. The resident was lied to about what shot she was receiving. She was told that it was the flu shot.”

The following day the patient died.

“She’s no longer with us, and in her last moments of life, she had to have her dignity removed.”

Another whistleblower, Jonathan Schlect, corroborated Renner’s account. He was disappointed at her passing and explained that he knew that her family loved her a lot.

”They should technically have a care conference or telehealth visit with the family beforehand and make sure this is alright

3 a.m., my phone went off… she was not responding, a little responsive, but by the time she got to the hospital, she died.

[it was like] she was my own family member. I loved her, I loved her a lot.”

The whistleblower advised the families to take care of their loved ones because there is serious insurance fraud that the superiors have mandated. The patients receive only half of the care they were supposed to get.

Aegis Living is the leading senior living provider in the West. Their website stated that they have 40 locations in four different states and a total asset portfolio of $2.5B.

These allegations must concern every single American, especially those who have loved ones in those homes.

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